Frankness is the quality of being Frank. Or frank. It’s wonderful that my otherwise boring and monosyllabic given name is an adjective. I’m considered by many to be quite honest and direct, sometimes too much so. “Frank” suits me. It also seems to be the name of the default hard luck hero in many films, or the main character’s dependable buddy. Frank Serpico, Frank Costello, Frank N. Furter. Clint Eastwood has played four characters named “Frank” in his films. I’m in good company. I suggest visiting Ranker to see a list of Franks. Try and guess which my favourites are and win a No Prize.

Frankness isn’t always easy

Metro franknessI grew up in Canada, specifically in a place called Scarborough. For those of you unfamiliar with the terrain, that’s a town that thanks to urban sprawl has become a suburb of Toronto. I left at 19 and attended the University of Western Ontario. After that I moved to New York City to study. Later, I shifted into the emerging technology industry and worked as a support director, but my creative tendencies led me into the realm of content development. I’ve lived in a number of places and travelled extensively. I have articles of clothing in my closet that have been to more countries than most people I know.

Now I reside in Madrid, Spain and work as the content director of an up-and-coming Web firm, as well as as a freelance language consultant, doing voice work for film and broadcast media, translating, coaching actors, writing for mags, etc. You can read all about my professional experience on LinkedIn. Send me a message via the contact page if you’d like to connect on Facebook.

I only spill more details with a pint in my hand. I can assure you that I never spill any of the pint, however.