Work is what I do to make money, which permits me to rent shelter, eat, and purchase the items I require for living in a society. If I were on a deserted island, I would be satisfying the same needs without the middle men. Much of what I do is actually legal, contrary to popular belief.

Below, you’ll find a heap of samples of things I’ve done, including some writing, translations, content projects, voice work, and more.

Some samples of my voice work

I tend to do documentaries, news shows, and dub films. Here are a few videos to take a look at as well as MP3 files to download should you require a sample.

Alcatel Lucent corporate demo –  Download MP3 file, 128kbps, 00:02:21

Australian Wine sketch (radio) – Download MP3 file, 128kbps, 00:01:55


Documentary (full voiceover)


Short film (full voiceover)


Feature length film (trailer, my character can be heard at 00:00:45)


Packstory video (web content, more on the Webpackaging site)


Some samples of my writing

The following items were (believe it or not) items I was paid to write for various firms. I think it give a fair picture of the range of topics upon which I can write.

Queries and Quandaries
Grammy Rant
Metrosexuals, manly men, and Memphis
The importance of oxygen barrier technology
The real dangers of counterfeit drugs
West to east: the resurgence of Istanbul
Designing a better blister pack
Luxury and la ville lumiere
An interview with the local pharmacist
Robots, pharmaceuticals, and packaging
Upscale, masstige, and mass market products
Better protection against moisture: The state of desiccants today
Over the counter
Serialization: A practice well under way

Samples of full content projects

Each of these projects involved either my direct work or my management of a team of creatives, including illustrators, layout specialists, marketing personnel, and of course, writers.