Enjoy your stay on my simple portfolio site. Here, you can take a look at some of my work as a content strategist, UXN specialist, and writer. Read some of my random ravings if you have a moment.

What to expect

Way back in the early 90s, I registered this domain. It was a simple way to showcase my work since I had tired of using one place for photos, another for writing samples, another for translations, etc. Apart from work samples, you can read some of my written down ruminations on life and how silly humans can be. I tend to tweet infrequently. When I do I almost always add “#humanidiocy” to the text, so search for it and see what comes up.

For professionals

If you’re looking for someone to take control of the professional management of your content project, I suggest you take a look at the Work or Services pages. There, you’ll learn about all the ways I can improve or better organize your content.

For readers

You’ll notice I have a section called Neurotika, something that first launched way back in 1994 before the word “blog” was invented. I’ve culled a lot of the detritus over the years and left what I would consider some decent reading.