Content and UXN services - content
Even a chicken can press random keys.

I’ve spent the better part of two decades offering services related to content development, production, and dissemination. The latest trend in content relates to UXN, or, user experience narrative. It basically refers to curating the primary content on a site as well as ensuring that all navigation elements are coherent, easily comprehensible, and useful. It is a holistic approach to content management. Every single detail is scrutinized in order to offer users an optimal navigation experience. User needs, however, must be aligned with stakeholder requirements. Neither should be implemented to the detriment of the other. That requires constant research, testing, and refinement.

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Translation services - translation
Yes, translators are still needed.

I translate into English better than just about any other professional I’ve met. I am also a quick proofreader and excel at keeping the readability of destination content as the primary goal. In this modern era of machine translation and quick solutions, it’s more important than ever to verify that what’s being said carries the precise meaning and tone intended. No matter how good current machine translations are, they still require human corrections to ensure they are not merely passable. That sort of text alienates native readers.

Teaching services - teaching
Pointing at things on a whiteboard makes learning specific topics faster and easier.

By combining a respect for the grammar of English with a natural curiosity of etymology, I provide students with simple parameters they can actually use. I have an excellent track record offering service to students of English who want to leave behind the “intermediate plateau”.

If students only memorize a number of phrases, they are deprived of the ability to improvise. Knowing how English really works and approaching the language from a structural perspective, students are given the proverbial fishing rod. In the long run, the ability to adapt is more important than parroting back canned responses.

Voiceovers and dubbing services - voice work

I have worked on a number of projects in Madrid and have the capacity to provide a variety of services related to voice work. If you flew on Iberia between 2003 and 2012 and watched a Spanish film, then you’ve definitely heard me dubbing in English. I’ve done guided tours for museums, documentaries, short films, full length movies, and a myriad of other random gigs. I even had a radio show where my co-host and I gave simple English language classes over the airwaves along with some music picks.

Curious roles: I participated as the only English voice in the Spanish theatrical release of “Letters from Iwo Jima”, I was a stark raving mad peanut in “Going Nuts”, and I was a 250 kg fish in “Ultimatuna”. Take a look at the Work page for some samples. You can also view me on IMDB.

Performance services - performing arts
I think my penchant for directing comes from my love of telling people what to do.

I produce text for the stage and film and occasionally direct plays. Sometimes I even act though admittedly, my face is better suited to radio. My biggest skills with regard to the performing arts are providing services as a coach or director. I have run several seminars that have proven valuable to young actors who wish to broaden their horizons.

The last seminar I offered was “Romeo and Juliet: Versión original sin subtitulos“, where I and a renowned Madrid coach took a group of young people through preparing a specific scene from that play. Over three days, the process followed a simple structure: an introduction to Shakespeare’s England, breathing and body work, English pronunciation and text comprehension, and finally scene development, practice, and presentation. The students felt it was a good way to get into English texts. It allowed them to eliminate a bit of the fear they felt when presenting themselves to auditions in English.