Some samples of my work

Below, you’ll find a heap of samples of things I’ve done, including some writing, translations, content projects, voice work, and more. If you need to see details on my services, just head over to that page.

Audio files

Alcatel Lucent corporate demo –  Download MP3 file, 128kbps, 00:02:21

Australian Wine sketch (radio) – Download MP3 file, 128kbps, 00:01:55

Writing Samples

Queries and Quandaries
Grammy Rant
Metrosexuals, manly men, and Memphis
The importance of oxygen barrier technology
The real dangers of counterfeit drugs
West to east: the resurgence of Istanbul
Designing a better blister pack
Luxury and la ville lumiere
An interview with the local pharmacist
Robots, pharmaceuticals, and packaging
Upscale, masstige, and mass market products
Better protection against moisture: The state of desiccants today
Over the counter
Serialization: A practice well under way

Full pieces and demos

Draw Fighters
(video game voice sample montage)

Half a World Away, Here
(full short film)

(full documentary)

Going Nuts
(feature film trailer)

SRP Textured Molding
(B2B marketing video)